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Shanghai Flower Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

In Shanghai, China, this world-famous financial center, the office of SHANGHAI FLOWER MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD . is located in it. Since its establishment, the company has attracted a group of professional and dedicated high-quality engineers and designers with its "people-oriented" corporate culture. They are committed to developing the most sophisticated ICU, operating room and ward nursing equipment that meets the requirements of modern hospitals. Our sales team meets all customer needs with professional service attitude and high-quality diversified products. This high-quality Pfwo team, products and services attract customers from all over the world, and the average number of customers from home and abroad each year exceeds 500.




The enterprise spirit of "Working hard for the health of mankind" has always been implemented in Shanghai Pufferwo's business philosophy to satisfy customers' one-stop procurement and full-cycle services in operating rooms and ICUs.

Our Products

The main production and sales of the operating room operating lamp, operation table.